5 Biggest Cyber Security Threats of 2019

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Analysts predict what will be the big security threats and how it will affect businesses and people in general. Last year hacking was considered more mainstream and still not innovative however things are changing at an alarming speed. A lot of cyber attacks took place last year with brands like Hyatt Hotels, Verizon, LinkedIn, Yahoo and even U.S Department of Homeland Security being attacked by hackers and more

Big Data – Big Problems

Security for Big Data has always been a vital and crucial to its safety and purpose. As more banks, tech firms and telecommunications companies move towards big data the exchange of information is rampant. There are two security aspects with regards to big data, one deal with organization’s customer data and secondly analyzing that data to predict future security threats. A lot of companies are storing and analyze up to petabytes of data to gain customer insights. Most data warehousing is linked via Big Data companies rather than have it in-house. Any breech in security can lead to theft of a lot of sensitive data.

Jailbreaking Cloud

Dependence on virtual machines, clouds, and other cloud infrastructure has left sensitive data exposed. It is predicted that a malware that could crack a cloud-based system will be built. A hacked mobile app can give hackers an easy access to public or private clouds and sensitive data. Poor authentication routines, compromised credentials, account hijacking and DoS attacks are to name a few of such issues. Clouds are always exposed to the threat of an insider with malicious intent.

Ghostware & Ransomware

Hackers have gotten sophisticated. It is no more just deface a homepage of a corporate company or likewise to get your message across, now hackers are holding websites ransom. Ghostwares are footprint less sophisticated program which only runs on memory so not to leave any trace at the end point. These ghostwares are impossible to track. Ransomware on the other hand pose more threat because they can disrupt a business more by holding corporate access. They block access to corporate assets and force businesses to pay ransom in order to release them.

Start-ups will be targeting

As more and more people are choosing the entrepreneurial road there is a boom in SME’s. Most of these SMEs are ecommerce platforms. Due to lack of funds or expertise, most of the payment gateways used on such e-commerce platforms are vulnerable to attack and quite easily hacked. Hackers will target such startups because of their easy access and lax security protocols.

Internet of Things

Nowadays everything is connected to the internet, from your phone to tv, to your computers, sophisticated homewares, coffeemakers, garage doors and much more. Hackers don’t just infiltrate your system by getting through a compromised email but will try a much-veiled way, for example, your home thermostat that is connected to your phone via your Wi-Fi to the internet. Internet of Things has made things easier for us but has also left us more vulnerable.